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To all of my followers, I am changing my website from the 52 Week Challenge to something like the Photography of Gary Wong.  If you wish to be deleted, I understand and request a response for me to do so.  Thank you for following me over the years and accept my apologies for not be overly active with the challenge, but it became a huge challenge.  Thank you, Gary

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Week 6 – #4 Wild Card


What do wild life photographers do on a foggy day?  Shoot landscapes.  This was taken at Circle B Bar Ranch, which I had not been to in a very long time.  When I woke up it was foggy and I thought go and see what there was to see.  Even with the fog, it was a beautiful day, but with poor light not advantageous for shooting.  I have been trying more landscape shots lately and thanks to my friend Vinny for editing tips.  Thanks for taking time to take a look. Gary

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Week 5 – #3 Fill the Frame


We were recently treated to a great concert, that seemed to be very personal and intimate, when Ruth Eckerd Hall presented and evening with Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen.  We called for tickets while out of town and were able to pick-up tickets in the front row center, we were no further than 10-15 feet away from Lyle and Robert.  The concert was almost two hours in length and just one very memorable evening.  Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Gary

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Week 4 – #35 Color Harmony


This shot is the Tea Room of the Richardson-Owen-Thomas House in Savannah, GA.  After dinner women would retire here for Tea and desert while the men would go upstairs for cards, cigars, and cognac.  What a completely different lifestyle people had in the early 1800’s.

It is hard to believe that only three families have owned the property built in 1819.  Richard Richardson moved into the home with their six children and nine enslaved men, women, and children in January 1819.  Unfortunately for the Richardson’s, the next three years saw steady decreases in their prosperity, including the financial Panic of 1819, a yellow fever epidemic, a fire that destroyed half the city, and the death of Frances and two of the children.  By 1822, Richardson decided to sell the house and move to Louisiana, where he had family and business interests. He had been shipping enslaved people, mostly children, from Savannah to New Orleans for years.

By 1824, the Bank of the United States owned the house, which they leased to Mary Maxwell as a boarding house. The Marquis de Lafayette was a guest of Mrs. Maxwell when he visited Savannah in March 1825 as part of his whirlwind tour of the United States for the 50th anniversary of the American Revolution.

In 1830, George Welshman Owens, then mayor of Savannah, purchased the property at auction for $10,000. Owens, who was also a lawyer, planter, and politician, moved in with his wife, Sarah, and their six children in 1833. Over the years, Owens kept nine to 15 enslaved people on the property and held almost 400 men, women, and children in bondage on his plantations.

In 1951, the last descendant Margaret Gray Thomas (granddaughter to George Owens) willed the house to the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences to be run as a house museum in honor of her grandfather, George Owens, and her father, Dr. James Gray Thomas.  Thank you for taking time to see what I have been doing lately.  Gary

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Week 3 – #2 Quiet Moment


I chose this peaceful scene I took from a plantation I visited near Savannah, GA.  The live oaks and hanging Spanish moss taken just before sunset left you with a very quiet, peaceful and serene moment.  There is a path leading you from the parking lot to the plantation slightly visible from the lower right corner.  If you ever are in the neighborhood, visit the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, the history was amazing.  Rice, not cotton was the crop of this plantation, and when that failed, it became a dairy farm until the last descendant died.  Ophelia Dent left the property to the state, who turned it into a beautiful state park.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and see what I have been up to.  Gary


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Week 2 – #1 Zoom Burst


We had a house warming party and my nephew sent a nice bouquet of flowers (thank you Dan and Libby).  I thought this would make a nice image for the zoom burst theme, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The bouquet is in the lower left hand corner.  Gary

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Week 1 – #31 Eye Lines (Where is your subject looking?)


I believe he is looking at you !!! From the St. Petersburg mural art walk.  Thank you for stopping by. Gary

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