Week 10 – #29 Shot at 9:00

em1a0329-wm-smWell I was out at 9:00 but got this at 10:30.  Anyway this Limpkin landed on the Raymond Road boardwalk at the Celery Fields and posed for us.  A nice find on a slow day. Gary

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Week 9 – #33 Something with Wings

em1a0521-cr-wmFor personal reasons it has been a long time since I have posted to my blog and I apologize for that.  While practicing tracking birds in flight at the Celery Fields, I caught this Boat-tailed Grackle in flight.  This is a 40% crop of the original, and I was impressed with amount of the detail caught in this shaot.  Grackle’s are like crows in our neck of the woods, no one pays them much attention, but they are a beautiful bird.  Comments are welcomed. Gary

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Week 8 – Closely Cropped

8-9-closely-cropped-em1a8124-smOn a recent trip to Homosassa Springs Monkey Island, we were on the docks when some fisherman were cleaning their catch.  This lucky Brown Pelican caught the prize.  As you can see the fish head and body is in the pouch and the tail is sticking out of his beak. Makes for a wonderful meal if you are so inclined. Gary

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Week 7 – #19 Musically Inclined

7-19-musically-inclined-img_0294Imagine an era where you entertained your guests with a grand piano concert which is a 1905 German Steinway in a rosewood case, signed by Mellier.   The opulence and pop and circumstance of the day.  A day in which you were invited to share a meal and an evening of dancing in the Grand Ballroom.  The Ringling’s would entertain their guests with the finest foods and wines.  John would also use the Ca’D;Zan to sell real estate on Longboat key, which could be observed from the mansions tower.  It is a shame Mable, who designed and was in charge of the construction of the mansion,  only had a few seasons in which to enjoy such a magnificent winter home.  She died at age 54.  Gary

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Week 6 – On the Water

6-21-on-the-water-img_0058-fm-smOn of my favorite places to shoot is the Sarasota Bayfront.  This shot was taken from Sarasota Island Park, which is now known as Bayfront Park.  The park includes a Marina,  a children’s water park, boat and water sports equipment rentals, deep sea fishing charters, sunset crusies, restaurants, and more.  It is a great place to hang out and enjoy a sleepy afternoon, enjoying the sites and sounds of the Sarasota Bayfront.  Gary

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Week 5 – Infrared



I have been interested in Infrared photography for a few years.  I even purchased a very old Olympus Camedia c-2020 Z IR Camera off ebay for $25, a couple of years ago.  Look at these specs!

  • Maximum resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels
  • Optical zoom equivalent to 35 to 105mm
  • Solid-state image pickup with 0.5-inch CCD
  • 1.8-inch, color, wide-view LCD monitor with 114,000 pixels
  • Shoots in QuickTime movie and black-and-white modes
  • SmartMedia (8Mb card included)

The original camera was introduced in October, 1999 and cost $699.  http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/cameraDetail.php?cam=188

The original owner did not state that the camera included a Z720IR filter.  However, the camera is more sensitive to IR light, not like modern day DSLR’s that are not very sensitive to this light wave.  To process your images, this easy process can be found here.  Gary  http://photo.net/beginner-photography-questions-forum/00Yb7e

Post-processing of IR images Open your IR images in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Click Image > Adjustments > Auto Contrast if your images are underexposed due to the filter.
  • Click Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer. Select Red Channel in Channel Mixer, slide your Red percentage to 0% and Blue to 100%.
  • Now select Blue Channel in Channel Mixer, slide your Blue percentage to 0% and Red to 100%.

The basic process is done. You can still further tweak the colors to your desired effect. To enhance whites/highlights: Click Image > Adjustments > Selective Color. Select Neutrals. Slide the Black to a negative percentage to enhance whites/highlights. Experiment with the Method – Relative or Absolute. To obtain a cyan-tint: Click Image > Adjustments > Selective Color. Select Black. Slide the Yellow to a positive percentage. To obtain a yellow-tint: Click Image > Adjustments > Selective Color. Select Black. Slide the Cyan to a positive percentage.”






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Week 4 – On the Water

4-21-Onthe Water-IMG_0050-smOn a recent trip to the Sarasota Bay Front, I came upon this unique scene of a grandmother sharing an enjoyable afternoon overlooking Sarasota Bay and the Ringling Causeway Bridge.  It turned out they were looking at images stored on grandmas cell phone.  What a great way to share memories with your loved ones. After talking to Grandma, it turns out that she was a journalistic photographer in an eralier career.  I invited her to join LWRDPC.  Look for her at our next meeting.  Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.  Gary

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